Celonis @ FAU

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Last week we had the great honor to welcome Ngoc Anh Ngo from Celonis at FAU WiSo. In the context of a vivid guest lecture, she gave our #FAUstudents an easy-to-understand introduction to the topic of #ProcessMining. At the same time, we had the great opportunity to experience the diverse possibilities of Celonis EMS (#executionManagementSystem) in an exciting hands-on session. Celonis EMS is a cloud-based platform for automated process analysis and optimization recommendations based on modern #AI approaches. By learning to work with such analysis systems at an early stage, our students are well prepared to solve current challenges in real-world settings.

The guest lecture was part of the introductory module for the specialization #BusinessIntelligence & #DataScience in the Bachelor program #BusinessStudies. We are truly happy that we can rely on such great partners as Celonis when paving the way for our students. Thank you Ngoc Anh Ngo for your visit and your great insights. We look forward to seeing you again in the near future. 🙂

The slides can be found here: Guest Lecture_Celonis_21.11.22

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