Two presentations @ ECIS2022

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🎉 FINALLY at a conference in person again! 🎉

In just a few hours my plane will take off for TimiČ™oara for this year’s European Conference on Information Systems 2022 in Romania. Somehow I am excited like a little kid that this is finally possible again.

I am very much looking forward to seeing many familiar but also many new faces of the community (again) and exchanging ideas about joint research interests. Besides enjoying many talks and conversations, we also have the opportunity to present two papers from our own research projects.

In a first paper, together with Sven Weinzierl, Nico Hambauer, Sandra Zilker, and Mathias Kraus, we analysed, how a special family of #interpretable #machinelearning models — named generalized additive models (#GAM) — performs across a variety of tasks. We compare these GAM models against state-of-the-art black-box models and find that GAM models can perform similarly well on multiple tasks:

In a second paper, together with Johannes Graf, Gino Lancho, and Kai Heinrich, we designed a #questionansweringsystem for #COVID19-related questions based on modern technologies from #NLP to overcome information overload and misinformation in pandemic situations. Our initial evaluation demonstrates that our artefact is useful in providing high-quality answers:

Both papers will be presented on Thursday, June 23, at the conference venue and I look forward to seeing many peers to have a fruitful discussion. 🙂