DeepVis: Successful project presentations

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When Mathias Kraus and I developed a new course on Deep Vision Systems about half a year ago, we had no idea where this journey would go. Today, six months later, we had the chance to see the results of it by experiencing three fabulous group presentations of our International Information Systems students who worked on a real-world project to build an CV-based system for visual quality inspection.

I am still speechless about the results because I did not expect to see such high quality results, versatile creativity within and across all teams, and a full load of passion for this cool topic. Thanks to all participants for such a valuable experience and I look forward to seeing you again in other courses – or wherever our paths will cross again. 🙂

By the way, also check out our new courses, which we are currently designing for the next semester. We will offer a new course on Natural Language Processing and a course on advanced Business Analytics Case Studies where you can extend your knowledge on Machine Learning and data-centric processing pipelines