I am very happy and proud to announce that the diploma results of Christoph Sager, one of my former students from TU Dresden, got accepted for archival and presentation at CAD’21 Conference, July 5-7, 2021, Barcelona, Spain.

Christoph developed labelCloud, a lightweight domain-independent labeling tool for smooth interaction in 3D point clouds to support users in generating training data for 3D object detection and 6D pose estimation. The software is licensed as open source (GPL3.0) and available at GitHub. The license even allows commercial use. Forks and pull requests are welcome, however please make your changes available to the community.

A preprint of the extended abstract, which was prepared in collaboration with Niklas Kühl from KIT, is already available on arXiv and ResearchGate. With the acceptance of the extended abstract, we got invited to submit a full version of the paper for the conference-related journal Computer-Aided Design and Applications, which is now under review.

This is a great project where we continuously seek for more ambitious students and peers for collaboration to further enhance the tool’s functionality and use. Let us know if you are interested!